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Spring Style Staples

Updated: May 14, 2020

I am completely DEAD over some of these adorable spring trends this year. Even while we are all stuck in quarantine, a girl can't help but swoon over cute clothes, right?

I’ve always been super into fashion and a total shop-a-holic, but silly me chose to pursue a career where I sport scrubs everyday. I think that was God’s way of keeping my money safe in my pockets!

Even though I normally can’t dress up and accessorize too flamboyantly at my job, I do like to get a little dressed up on weekends, giving me every excuse to continue to buy allll the cute clothes! It’s so funny, my husband totally makes fun of me for what I wear to simply get my nails done or run some errands on a Saturday (or in today's events - pick up the Walmart order). I think he has forgotten that wearing scrubs isn’t the norm and on the weekends I’m actually just trying to be a human! Men.

I’ve tried so hard lately to not just buy clothes to have more clothes. I’ve found when I buy things impulsively, I tend to only wear the item once or twice before I’m sick of it. This is not ideal for the lack of space in my closet as well as my poor bank account.

MONEY SAVING TIP: If you’re an online shopper, add items to your cart - but don’t purchase anything yet! Save the cart once you’ve added all of your desired findings and sleep on it! If you wake up the next morning still dying to have that $100 pair of sunglasses, then go for it! This has honestly saved me so much money in the past because it eliminates impulsive buys and helps you to consider if the investment is worth it!

I’ve been searching far and wide for signature style pieces that can be mixed and matched to form several different outfits for numerous occasions! From casual weekends to nights out on the town, to vacations or weddings, you really only need a few great items hanging in your closet to find the perfect look.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spring style pieces and what I consider to be absolute staples in my wardrobe!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you choose to use these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to support my blog and allows me to continue creating content! I only recommend products I use and love. Thank you for your support!

Light Wash Denim Jacket

I have never been all about the denim jackets until now! I’m seriously always searching for a cute jacket to throw over a t-shirt or tank when I’m running out the door and it’s a little too chilly to go bare-armed but a little too warm for my winter coat. A jean jacket is so versatile and can be paired with dresses, skirts, or a pair of white or black skinnies. Voila! Casual with a bit of flair.


This is a perfect spring piece when you need something light weight to finish off your outfit. Effortless style, if you will. I love fun kimonos like this one paired with a dress, skinny jeans, or shorts. Something so simple that can really add a lot of style & a pop of color to any neutral outfit. Unfortunately, this adorable pom pom sleeved kimono from Eccentrics Boutique is sold out, but I've linked a similar one here!

Bright Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are one of those staples that I fully believe will never go out of style! I’ve recently been trying to add some more bright colors to my wardrobe as opposed to my all black and grey tendencies! This beautiful coral maxi is perfect for spring and summer! Hello tropical beach vacation look. It’s SO easy to just throw on a maxi and head out the door - perfect for dressing up with some statement jewelry or going more casual by adding that jean jacket we were talking about earlier!

Fun Graphic Tee

What girl isn't obsessed with the current graphic tee trend? I'm loving all these rocker tees, but even more so -- I'm obsessed with the floral tees like this one! Kinda "grandma chic" if you ask me, haha! Something so simple & lovable about it and I just can't help but jump on the bandwagon.

Colorful Tie Dye/Ombre Crew

Tie Dye, ombre, bleach dye, & bright colors are all the rage right now! Seriously, so fun & I feel like I'm a kid again! I also prefer crew neck sweaters over hoodies, so this style is right up my alley. This little sweater is ultra soft but super light weight, making it perfect for spring!

Mom Jeans

OKAY let’s bring back the 80s & 90s trends! I now own a couple pairs of mom jeans AND mom shorts… just channeling my inner mom to the best of my ability. Not only are these SUPER comfy they’re also extremely flattering on the booty and look ah-mazing paired with a tucked tee or tank, or even a cute crop top. Both of my pairs are from AE and I’ve gotten so many compliments! You NEED these in your life, girlfriend!

Loose Fitting Tee

Duh. Absolute essential. Whether you’re lounging around the house, running errands in town, or going on a casual date night, basic tees are versatile and provide max comfort for those days you want to look like you’re trying but you’re actually not. I love this one from Urban Outfitters which is unfortunately sold out, but I've linked a similar one here.

Versatile Animal Print Top

Carol Baskin has everyone running to fill their closet with animal prints. I don't love Tiger King, but I do love cats - and cheetah print is so fun! This high neck tank is last season, but I just got this one in the mail & I'm loving it just as much! This tank can be worn so many different ways!

Girly Crop Top

Now ladies, don’t let age be a factor here. Three years ago, I turned 24 and thought, “I’m too old to wear a crop top.” Here I am at 27 and I’m like, “I’ll wear a crop top if I damn well please and whoever disagrees can stuff it.” Life’s too short, wear the cute crop top. I specifically like to pair them with a high waisted pair of bottoms to avoid having to tuck in my top to create the look I want. I got this one on super sale from Express awhile back!

Clean White Skinnies

Finally, the white skinny jean. Did a more perfect jean ever exist? I’m a firm believer in the moment you put on a pair of white skinny jeans, you instantly level up 10 style points. White skinnies are (hopefully) clean, crisp, and polish off any outfit. So easy to dress up and perfect for spring and summer. Also, screw not wearing white after Labor Day. Wear all the white you want, honey.

There you have it, my top picks for spring fashion staples! Mix and match to make so many trendy outfits and you’ll be stylin’ all season! What are your favorite style staples this spring? Drop ‘em in the comments!

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