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Hosting a Covid Baby Shower: Which Option is Best for Me?

Congratulations mama, you’re pregnant!

Yes, you’re pregnant… during a pandemic.

Before you start to worry too much, take a deep breath and realize that while this may impact certain parts of your pregnancy, not everything has to change! At the end of the day, you’re still going to go about your daily life, go to your doctor’s appointments (with a mask on) and give birth to a beautiful bundle of joy in 9 months!

You’ve probably been dreaming of this day. The day you find out you’re expecting! You’ve probably thought about baby names, how you will decorate the nursery, and having a big baby shower with all your friends and family.

Oh, wait. How do you throw a baby shower during a pandemic?

Obviously, the health and safety of you, your baby, and your loved ones is (or should be) your top priority! While some are comfortable with gathering in very small groups, others simply feel it best not to gather at all. For that reason, there are a few ways that you can still celebrate your little one’s arrival while maintaining social or physical distance!

In this post, I’m sharing a few different options for throwing a baby shower Covid style & how to choose which option is right for you.

Virtual Baby Shower

A virtual shower is best for those who choose not to gather socially. It’s an inexpensive option that can be attended by anyone who owns a computer, tablet, or smartphone (which these days, is practically everyone!) meaning you’ll likely have a high attendance rate.

Virtual showers can be thrown a couple of different ways depending on which option you feel is easiest for your guests.

Hosting on Facebook

Many people choose to host a Facebook Live Event, which is nice if you’d rather your guests just log on and watch without having to worry about background noise from their end. Guests can easily comment throughout the live video and the host/guest of honor can see the comments and speak to each guest/thank them in that way. This is a casual, minimal stress way to host your shower that shouldn’t take up too much of either party’s time. Guests that aren’t able to attend can replay the video later, which is convenient! One downfall to a Facebook Live shower is that the focus is mainly on watching the soon-to-be parents open gifts, which can seem a little less personal and slightly awkward if the hosts do not like being on video.

Hosting on Zoom

Zoom meetings are another great way to host a virtual shower because they allow the guests to be more interactive with the host/soon-to-be parents. Unlike Facebook Live events, Zoom meetings allow both the host and the guests to engage with each other via live audio and video. If you’re someone who would still like to enjoy shower games, you can easily do this in a Zoom call. The downfall? If you don’t want a lot of background noise, the guests will need to mute their microphones which can sometimes be a pain, while some guests may have trouble accessing the meeting in general if they’ve never joined a Zoom call before.

Drive-By Baby Shower

Another popular option that is growing in popularity during the pandemic is a drive-by baby shower. Drive-by showers are a great option for those who wish to see their guests in person while still maintaining physical distance. This type of shower is a fairly casual and low stress option, while allowing you to still engage in some of the fun parts of a traditional shower. Depending on where you live, you can still decorate the outside of your house with banners, a sign, balloons, and decorations. If possible, you can even allow people to stop by and chat from a distance in your driveway. Many hosts will set up a gift table and may or may not choose to open the gifts in front of the guest during the shower. Drive-by showers also enable the host to pass out fun treats or gift boxes to serve as a “thank you” for attending. There are a few disadvantages to a drive-by shower, though, one of those being weather. If it’s cold or rainy, it may not be such a fun experience since the event is outside. On another note, attendance rates can often be low due to guests feeling it being a hassle to take time out of their day just to drive by.

Mail-In Baby Shower

A mail-in shower is exactly what it sounds like. No contact, no hassle. It’s a great last minute option as it requires little to no planning and is also extremely budget-friendly. Typically for this type of shower, the soon-to-be parents would create their registry and send out invites indicating where they are registered and where to send the gifts. You open the gifts as they come & send out thank you cards after. Easy as pie! The biggest downfall is that this type of shower can seem impersonal, since technically, you’re just asking for gifts -- but, in a worldwide pandemic, we feel like people will most likely be understanding!

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My personal experience:

We chose to host two separate drive-by showers - one for family at my parent’s house and one for friend’s at our house (we live 4 hours away from my family). While this wasn’t how I hoped my shower for my first baby would go, we felt that it was the best way to still involve our loved ones while maintaining our distance. I was still able to get all dressed up in this beautiful maxi dress, wear a cute sash, and greet my guests.

We purchased a yard sign, which was super cute & used for both events. We also assembled treat boxes and filled them with a homemade snack mix (recipe below!) and hand-sanitizers with personalized labels and handed out cupcakes for our guests.

I enjoyed being able to incorporate some elements of my “safari” theme and treat my guests with some fun goodies! Overall, attendance wasn’t super high, but I still felt like we had a good turn out for both. As someone who hates sitting in front of people to open gifts, this was a great alternative for me. I loved how laid back and casual the whole experience was and I am ultimately happy this was the option we chose!

*We purchased large bags of each item from the grocery store, mixed everything together in a large bowl, and divided evenly among clear treat bags.

You'll Need:

Animal Crackers

Goldfish Crackers

Chocolate Teddy Grahams

Pretzel Sticks


What type of baby shower are you leaning towards? Did you do something completely different?

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