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Golden Star Beauty Self Tanner Review

Hello fellow sun(less) worshippers!

Y'all know that I love my self tanners and am always keeping my eye out for a new one to try. I am so excited to share a review of my latest self tanner find from Golden Star Beauty.

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Golden Star Beauty is a newer company with a mission to use premium organic and natural ingredients for long-term beauty resolutions. All of their tanning products are made in small batches in the USA, utilizing certified organic natural oils and extracts and are gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

The two products that I have tried are the Tanning Body Oil and the Tanning Face Serum.

The main ingredients in the body oil include Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Macadamia oil, Evening Primrose oil, Calendula and meadowsweet extract, and Hyaluronic Acid which make the products gentle on any skin type.

The main ingredients in the facial serum include Rosehip oil (moisturizer, brightener, complexion corrector), Avocado oil (moisturizer), Macadamia oil (softening & anti-inflammatory), Chamomile (anti-inflammatory & may help minimize breakouts), Calendula (antiseptic & stimulates collagen production) and Meadowsweet extract (natural exfoliant & anti-inflammatory), Aloe Vera (anti-inflammatory), Hyaluronic Acid (anti-aging properties, keeps skin supple), Vitamin B5 (skin softener & moisturizer).

Many of the self tanners I’ve tried over the years have provided that “sunkissed glow” that we all search for, but I felt it was often apparent that my tan was far from real. It always seemed to have that slight hint of orange…

What I’ve loved so much about Golden Star Beauty is the fact that the finished product looks completely natural. We’re talking just spent 7 days in the Caribbean tan. The color is buildable - therefore the more you apply, the darker it will be, which is great for all seasons of the year!

Some of the other true stand out features of these products are:

  • Affordable! Under $30 on Amazon + free shipping with Prime!

  • No icky self-tanner smell

  • Streak free

  • Natural bronze with no orange tint

  • Goes on clear - meaning no rubbing off on clothes or sheets!

  • Easy to apply with a mitt

  • Dry oil texture that dries quickly with no sticky feel

  • Has not caused breakouts thanks to the natural based ingredients

  • Fades naturally

The only con in my opinion is that I wish the bottle sprayed in more of a “mist” than a “stream” for more even application across the body. Because of this I ended up pouring it into a different spray bottle I had on hand & it works just fine!

Overall - this has been my favorite self tanner I’ve tried to date! It’s going to be reallllllly hard to top this one!

If you’d like to give Golden Star Beauty a try, make sure to use code “GOLDENTAN50” for 15% off your entire purchase!

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