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DIY Laundry Room Reveal

The day I've been waiting for... our laundry room reno is complete! Hallelujah! I affectionately coined this project "Operation Pinterest-worthy Laundry Room". Ultimately, my vision was minimalistic modern farmhouse vibes with a touch of earthy boho.

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I honestly expected the process to be a little more daunting than it was. There were definitely a few moments when I thought my husband was going to roll me down the hill behind our house, but all in all we made it through and it only took a week and a half!

When we moved into our new house, I was so excited to finally have a laundry room, and one on the main floor nonetheless! Our old house's laundry was in the dark & dreary basement and I absolutely avoided going down there at all costs. While having a dedicated space for laundry was great, we soon began to stock pile this room with all of our extra stuff (i.e. cleaning supplies, beach towels, other random things that didn't have a "place"). No kidding, it was so bad some days when we had actual laundry to do because you couldn't even walk into the room without tripping over something.

Now that we have a baby, I've been trying to make our home more "functional" and the laundry room seemed to be a great place to try to incorporate more storage space and overall make life a little easier. We didn't want to spend a fortune since we are saving for our big kitchen/living room remodel next year, so we decided to try our hand at a good ole' DIY project!

Fortunately, we did not need to replace the floors or do any painting. The flooring is this patterned sheet vinyl which I am in love with!

We first upgraded our washer & dryer to these GE Smart front loading ones. We had front loading ones previously, but they were left with the house, sat really high, were super loud, and just needed replaced. Our new appliances hold a larger load and while they aren't super quiet, they are more efficient, sleeker looking, and very high tech! The Smart feature allows you to wirelessly control your laundry with a smart phone or tablet as well as receive notifications about when your laundry is finished, cool right? My favorite feature though is the UltraFresh vent system with Odorblock which removes excess moisture from the washing machine to avoid smelly odors from tainting the drum! Home Depot was great in delivering and installing the new appliances and hauling away our old ones.

After the new appliances were installed, we were able to get started with the fun stuff. One of my main requirements for this reno was to have a place to fold clothes. I knew I wanted a countertop and originally the plan was to install butcher block. We quickly came to find that the size we needed (79.5" x 30") was going to be very expensive and hard to come by without getting it custom ordered. We then toyed around with the idea of putting a solid surface countertop in, but after pricing it at $900 (yikes!) we said no way and were back to the drawing board. Finally, we discovered edge-glued board and it was a God-send! We got a 96" x 30" of pine wood for just $72, score! My husband used a circular saw to cut the wood to the size we needed and we mounted the countertop to the walls on each end using two 2" x 2" wood furring strips.

Originally, I planned to stain the countertop with a lighter stain just to barely darken the wood as the unfinished pine was a bit too light. After doing some research on the looks of different stains on pine, I decided on "Weathered Oak" and let me tell ya, I am sure glad that I tested it on a scrap piece first! The stain ended up being gray and I was not into it for this particular project.

Not wanting to purchase any more stain, I decided to stick with the unfinished pine and just put a poly coat on top, which actually darkened the wood to the exact shade I was imagining. It ended up being a lot less work this way and I love how it turned out!

I really liked the idea of a peel and stick backsplash above the countertop but after searching several stores and online, I came to realize that they were also not cheap! So I opted for peel and stick wallpaper. It took about an hour and a half to hang, give or take a little. I suggest using two people to make the process much easier. In hindsight, I would've hung the wallpaper before the countertop was installed, or better yet before the washer + dryer were put in but I guess you learn from experience! Overall, it turned out exactly the way I envisioned!

The cabinets were given to us by my parents, which saved us a ton of money. They were stained Honey Oak so I first removed the hardware and roughed up the cabinets using a stripping pad and painted them the color "Sea Urchin" in a flat finish by Pittsburgh Paints from Menards. It took 2 coats and I let the paint dry completely before adding the second coat. Once all of the cabinets and doors were painted, I let them dry overnight before adding a coat of polyurethane in a warm ultra flat finish to maintain the matte look. I used a foam mini roller to paint the cabinets for easy application and a smooth finish and used a brush for the poly coat. I contemplated changing the hardware, which were a brassy color, but realized I had some gold metallic spray paint left over from a previous project so I just spruced them up with that and it was perfect.

We had measured the wall that the cabinets would be mounted on previously so it was relatively easy for my husband and father-in-law to hang them. I had planned to place a hanging rack between the two cabinets, but once they were up I realized it wouldn't look right so I opted for shelves instead. I chose to make them more of a decorative feature as opposed to functional and used unfinished natural wood found at Hobby Lobby. You can easily construct shelves yourself with wood planks cut to size.

Finally, all the manual work was done and I dove right in to the fun part - decorating! I adore the idea of displaying your laundry essentials in glass jars with pretty labels, so that's exactly what I did. Maybe I'm just picky, but it honestly took me a little bit to find exactly what I was looking for! I snagged this tray from Hobby Lobby along with two of these glass milk bottles. I spray painted the tray and the milk bottle lids black with this paint. Next, I picked up a glass jar and this beverage dispenser (which is actually plastic but you'd never be able to tell! I just loved the gold nozzle + it was much cheaper than a glass one!). I had the spray bottle lying around the house. I filled the containers with detergent, detergent pods, fabric softener, bleach, and stain remover and added these labels found on Etsy! I had these baskets, faux plant/succulent stems, and candle lying around the house for the finishing touches...and Voila!

What do you think? Did we achieve our "Pinterest-worthy" goal?! Not gonna lie... I'm obsessed! I may actually fold laundry now instead of leaving it in the basket for weeks at a time!

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