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Babylist.com: The One-Stop Shop for Baby Registries, All your Questions, Answered!

Hi, mama!

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you have a little one on the way -- congratulations! This is such a special time, full of joy & preparing, but can also be a little overwhelming. There’s so much to figure out, and while 9 months seems like forever to get your ducks in a row before baby arrives, time will surely fly!

One thing is for sure -- It’s never too early to start your baby registry.

It can be confusing when trying to figure out where to register and deciphering between what you really need vs. what is nice to have. Do I register at one store? Two? Three? What kind of stroller do I get? What’s the difference between a standard crib and a convertible crib?

What if you could have a one-stop shop for your baby registry? Somewhere with guidance on all the questions you have surrounding everything baby & parenthood? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not! Babylist.com is just that.

Babylist.com is a website where you can add any item from any store to your baby registry. On the other hand, it’s not just a baby registry website. Babylist is jam packed with helpful information for new parents!

Babylist is where I chose to host the registry for our first baby due in March & after having had my first baby shower, I felt that it was time to write a comprehensive review! If you’re struggling trying to find where to host your baby registry, keep reading to see if Babylist.com is right for you.

My experience:

Overall, I loved the concept of babylist.com. The guides were super helpful and I love getting the pregnancy updates each week. It’s convenient and easy to set up the registry, and I appreciate that it provides several purchasing options in the “guest view” for those attending your shower. I also loved being able to add items from stores like Etsy if I wanted something handmade or personal. The Welcome Baby box had a ton of fun items in it that I will actually use. I didn’t love the requirements for getting the box as I felt like spending a total of $16.99 to receive it was a little high. My guests had a difficult time with the Babylist set up, not understanding that you had to return to the registry to mark the items as purchased and I had several guests that opted out of buying anything on my registry simply because they preferred to shop in store.

Check out my Instagram story highlights for a complete unboxing of what's included in the Welcome Baby Box!


Babylist is great if you want a comprehensive registry for all of your items in one place, specifically if you have several specialty items that you can’t get from stores like Amazon and Target. It’s also really easy if your guests prefer shopping exclusively online. On the other hand, if many of your guests do not have internet access/aren’t the tech savvy type, the concept can be a little confusing and you may be better off registering somewhere with in-store shopping.

Think you want to try out Babylist? Here’s how!

Visit www.babylist.com or download the Babylist mobile app in the app store.

Create an account & customize it.

Add your partner via email so that they can access & add items.

Add your due date.

Add your baby shower date.

Add your shipping address for gifts.

Start adding items from anywhere to your registry!

Are you going to try out Babylist? If not, where else are you registered?

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