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5 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

How well do you sleep at night?

Are you one of those people who lies awake tossing and turning only to fall into a deep slumber right before the alarm goes off?

Do you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow but wake up to every single little creak?

Or maybe you're up every other hour to go pee?

Regardless of your not-so-ideal sleep schedule, we all know that quality sleep is super important for brain & body function, memory, mood & so much more! So if you're having trouble sleeping, this post is for you. Here I'm going to share my top tips for more restful sleep!

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  1. Get your chores done as soon as you get home from work & start winding down an hour or two before bedtime. Put on your pjs & curl up on the couch with a book or your favorite TV show.

  2. Decrease phone/computer screen time in your hours leading up to bedtime & make sure to wear your blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes from the harmful light. These have dramatically reduced my headaches & have improved the quality of my sleep.

  3. Limit your fluid intake in the couple of hours before bed. Let's be real, waking up and realizing you can't hold it until morning is one of the most annoying things ever.

  4. Spritz your pillow with lavender pillow mist. Lavender is said to help relieve anxiety & aid in insomnia. Let yourself fully relax by spraying a little on your sheets at night. Wake up feeling even more refreshed in the morning by pairing the mist with lavender body lotion.

  5. When all else fails, take a natural sleep aid. I love these melatonin gummies because they help me to fall asleep within 30 minutes & they're so good I could eat the whole bottle in one sitting!

What things help you to get a restful night?

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