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3 Ways to Style a Leopard Print Skirt

I don't know about you, but I am 100% on board with the animal print trend! Wearing animal print is bold, stylish, and screams "I like to have fun, but I'm also a mysterious boss lady that can kick your butt!" so obviously, every girl needs to rock it!

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Leopard print skirts are especially fun because you can dress them up for events or go the more casual route for everyday. This wrap skirt from Amazon is less than $20, super soft, the colors are natural looking (not orangey like some I've seen!) & I love the elastic waist band, making it comfortable and non-constricting!

Check out the 3 ways I personally like to style it below!

1. With a black turtleneck

Calling all teachers!! This style is super flattering and looks extremely classy and put together. If you're a teacher that loves to express herself by dressing up, this outfit is definitely for you! Even if you aren't a teacher, this is a great look for events! I personally wore this exact outfit to a wedding with a leather jacket thrown over the top and got so many compliments! Pair it with these strappy pointed toe flats from Express to complete the look!

2. With a crop top

If it's a little too warm outside for a turtleneck, you can definitely style this skirt with a black crop top like this one from American Eagle! Still classy but also effortless! Pair it with fun, colorful earrings to add a pop of color and some sandals; this outfit is perfect resort wear for your next vacation!

3. With a graphic tee

As much as I love the animal print, I'm also obsessed with the graphic tee trend & I love how the two can be paired together to make the funnest outfits! This "Rolling Stones" tee from American Eagle is the softest texture & is a great casual piece to add to your wardrobe! I love tying the front & pairing it with the leopard skirt and sneakers for a spunky & edgy look that's sure to turn heads!

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